[PD] writesf~ (was: no subject)

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Nov 18 18:39:39 CET 2004

" <tboulanger at voila.fr> wrote:
> Gasp... Heu, I think that everything's OK :


just a remark:
which version of pd are you using (i haven't found anything in your 
mails concerning this) ?

[writesf~] is multithreaded, all file-IO is within the child thread.
this might be (most probably: is) your problem.
maybe, for security reasons, XP disallows threads by default ;-)

sorry, i cannot really help you; probably some windows-hacker (tim?) has 
some ideas


PS: [timebang] is not part of zexy; i think it is in maxlib

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