[PD] new to the list + ideas

clemos cl3mos at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 19:12:55 CET 2004

hi all

i'm very new to the list so maybe i can introduce myself, just a little.

my name is clement charmet, i work as a webdesigner in a french
webzine, www.panoplie.org, and more or less as an artist, as i do
audio-visual performances, mainly with my 'band' that's called
thirtytwobit (http://32bit.free.fr), and participate in or produce
various net.art pieces available on http://clemos.free.fr and

so I got interrested in pure data about one or two years ago, as a
student, and began to learn and experience it a very little. actually
I ve really been focusing and really working on it for 2 month,
programming stuff that outputs sound data to flash or other network
related stuff, and using it during our live performances building and
playing little crappy synths patches during the show.

my role in the performance is mainly to produce a kind of visual mix,
and the originality is that I mainly use browser programming for that
(php, javascript, some little flash stuff, soon proce55ing, etc)

i am quite fascinated by the possibilities of pure data, gem,
framestein, etc in the fact that it's highly pluggable to other stuff,
and really programmable at different skill levels.

i was wondering if there were projects of "pure data player" :
as pure data file format is really simple and light, as it's text
based, (ie you can generate pure data files easily with any server
side language) i was dreaming of a kind of 'pure data player' that
would be a kind of plugin only to execute pure data patches, gem or
framestein graphics.
the whole thing would be as interactive as pure data / gem /
framestein patches can be, but there would be no possibility to modify
the patch (the real pure data patch should be hidden, actually, and
the actual pure data GUI would only be the GUI for programming, not
for rendering).
the point is that the player would make it possible to embed pure data
patches or gem graphics into HTML pages.
i was thinking about all this when I first experienced Gem, as the
possibilities and way of rendering looked close to Proce55ing

have such a project even existed, does it seem possible to you ?
i actually think it would really be a fucking great project (even if
all the functions don't work in it, ie exemple the ones that need
permissions or security issues; or the ones that are platform
dependent ),
but i have no idea if it is possible, and how...

i heard of proce55ing (and Java) synthesis possibilities and a little
of this SEEYO Koan plugin, but doing it with pure data objects would
be far more interresting to me

the other questions I have are related to the GUI and the Pd message system.
did you hear of other pd GUIs that don't use the default tcl/tk stuff
at all but only the pd main engine.
did you hear of APIs that make pd patches and/or pd messages easier to
handle with other programming languages (ie a set of PHP classes that
would handle boxes and connections generation and alteration, Flash
GUI able to build pd patches from scratch, etc... )
for exemple, maybe one of you coded a PHP/gd script to generate a pic
of a patch directly from a pd file.

only questions
anyway pure data's damn great as-it-is

all the best


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