[PD] new to the list + ideas

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Nov 18 21:40:22 CET 2004

derek holzer wrote:
> Hi Clément,
> and welcome aboard!
> clemos wrote:
>> i was dreaming of a kind of 'pure data player' that
>> would be a kind of plugin only to execute pure data patches, gem or
>> framestein graphics.

i completely agree with derek's opinion on freedom etc...

however, i think i should point out that there are 2 projects dealing 
with *browser*-plugins for pd that are somehow "pd player"s, as you do 
not see the pd-patches (and cannot modify them directly), although they 
are executed by pd on your local machine (this is something completely 
different from the gollum/hackitectura thing, which provides a web-front 
end to control a pd that is running on a server)
but of course the pd-patches are pd-patches and are not "closed" or 
"binary" in any way.

(a self containing blugin; you do not need pd installed on your computer 
to be able to use pd-patches with this plugin)

(this one starts an instance of pd, so pd has to be installed on the 
machine; and it supports Gem ;-) (but quite alpha)


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