[PD] pdp 0.13 compiling error??

pun chik punchik at fastmail.fm
Thu Nov 18 22:26:13 CET 2004

hello , i just downloaded the sources of pdp 0.13.0  from cvs.
i compiled it and installed succesfully  but i get the following message
when i try to run the library :

PDP: pure data packet
PDP: version 0.13.0 (pf)
error e_file loading pdp's puredata support module
/usr/lib/pdp/script/image.pf:3: e_file: /usr/lib/pdp/plugins/image.so:
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
in primitive loadplugin
<DS> <0>
<RS> <6> ->#<xt:jmp> ->#<xt:leave> ->#<xt:clear-error>
#<stream:/usr/lib/pdp/script/puredata.pf> ->#<xt:r>> ->#<xt:clear-error> 
#0 0x08218210 in stream-interpret
#1 0x082182e0 in loadscript
#2 0x08218550 in load
#3 0x0824b1a0 in load-puredata
#4 0x0820eb80 in interpreter
Fatal error.
pd_gui: pd process exited

do i need to install other library to make pdp work?  pdp plugins???
where are they?

thanks for your help

pun chik

  pun chik
  punchik at fastmail.fm

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