[PD] Pd version 0.38-0test10 compiled for Macintosh, as distributed by Miller Puckette

Thomas Ouellet Fredericks iamonthebeach at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 19 00:09:56 CET 2004

I work with Pd on WIN2000 and OS X and here are some comments and
oservations I have about Pd version 0.38-0test10 compiled for Macintosh. :

The bundled application is an excellent idea and works great, but needs a
few tweaks to be usable:
1) the "doc" and "extra" folders should not be included in the ".app" but at
the same level. A folder called "Pd" could contain the Pd application, the
"extra" folder and the "doc" folder. This would permit newbies to include
externals and their help files.
2) The help function does not work.
3) The startup dialog box does not work.

tom at danslchamp.org

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