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Hi listers !
First, thanx for your help, it's always nice to see that people take care of the problems you are facing to... the power of a community...
To answer your different questions :
- If I'm right (I don't have Pure Data running on my computer since I'm at work :( ) I've downloaded 
PD 0.37.3
And concerning XP, the sfrecord object from zexy allows me to create a file on my desktop and writes
indeed what my adc~ sends to it. But it only works with .raw files and not .wav. So why is it impossible to create a tiny wav file ?
Hmmm, that's what I would call a "discrimination". Bad XP...
To answer Peter, the folder d:/sounds/tmp already exists...
If somebody has an idea...
PS : learning "Pidi programmation", I'm yarning for the time when I'll be able to help some other PD user.
Waiting for it, still posting questions.
See you (very) soon on the mailing list.
Again, thanx

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> > 
> > Gasp... Heu, I think that everything's OK :
> fine...
> just a remark:
> which version of pd are you using (i haven't found anything in your 
> mails concerning this) ?
> [writesf~] is multithreaded, all file-IO is within the child thread.
> this might be (most probably: is) your problem.
> maybe, for security reasons, XP disallows threads by default ;-)
> sorry, i cannot really help you; probably some windows-hacker (tim?) has 
> some ideas
> mfg.as.dr
> IOhannes
> PS: [timebang] is not part of zexy; i think it is in maxlib

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