[PD] coll, textfile, qlist, etc?

Ik cola at looze.net
Fri Nov 19 16:35:06 CET 2004

Hello list, I'm working on something for wich I need to browse through a 
97 lines, 16 collumn( separated by tabs) textfile.
I used textfile for this, with a counter, only letting output trough 
when the right 'line' number has been reached.
( so actually banging the textfile object 60 times to get to line 60). 
Whatever method I use, this is too slow, and it doesn't seem
the right way to do this at all - however the only method I could find 
possible using pd's builtin objects, and keeping all the data
in one file, not spreading them over array's and multiple textfile 
objects ( the data needs to be updated regularly manually)

I hoped to use msgfile for this, but as soon as I load the file my 
memory usage goes up 99% eventually crashing PD, or making it unusable.
I don't think pool works for this? I was hoping to checkout the 'coll' 
object but I it's in cyclone(?) wich will not complie ( gcc 3?).
Anyhow, qlist and textfile are the worst option ( they work like a 
'stack?' what I want to do is to use an array containing a mix of text 
and digits).
is there an external I overlooked that I could use for this?

sorry for bothering this, but I've been browsing for some time now and 
still don't find the answer...

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