[PD] gem/pdp: darkest filter

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sat Nov 20 10:03:50 CET 2004

Tim Blechmann wrote:
> in which branches will i can find the yuv_ objects? also, i don't know,
there was a separate src/yuv folder for these objects, but i don't 
remember any branches

> if it's good to remove objects from the sources ... maybe it's better to
> have a second library of Gem objects e.g. like pidip for pdp ...

there had been long discussions regarding this.
the final agreement was, that pixel-operating objects would be labeled 
"pix_" and not colorspace-specific (eg "yuv_" or "rgba_"; or worse 
"yuv_" and "pix_") as "pix_" objects already handled 2 colorspaces (rgba 
and greyscale);
so most of the "yuv_"-objects were re-written as "pix_" objects.
some did not make it: i always thought only objects that didn't work 
properly (like [yuv_emboss]) were skipped, but this might be wrong.


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