[PD] cpu-consumption of ~-objs

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Sat Nov 20 19:03:55 CET 2004


i'm working on a rather big internet-music-project. it's part of the
project that many patches (some with, some without dsp) are opened and
closed dynamically. it also could happen, that a patch with dsp doesn't
produce any sound for the moment. in order to save cpu-power i'd like to
switch~ on/off these patches/subpatches. whenever possible, i only use
the'ctrl'-domain to define if there is dsp needed or not (for example:
when an 'adsr' is banged, the length of a tone is defined by numbers).
in certain cases this is not possible (for example fx: if dsp should be
switched on or off is dependent on whether there is a signal sent to it
or not). in this cases i'd like to measure the amplitude of the incoming
signal. if it gets under a certain level, this specific (sub-)patch gets
switched off. for this measurement i use the audio-objs [env~] and
i wonder now, how much these objs consume. is there a possibillity to
measure that ? (i made once a patch which creates [osc~] with random
frequencies. i wanted to find out how many osc~s i can create until the
cpu goes to 100% or i hear clicks) <- is this test meaningfull?  if the
consumption is not very low, my plan to optimize may result in a worse
performance instead of a better one.
and: does the [inlet~]-obj consume any cpu-power?
can you save cpu-power by doing computation in the half samplerate in
certain subpatches (for example in bass-synthesizers)? if yes, it uses
only the half, as i would expect?
i know, this is a lot of questions. but i'd like to get better
understanding of how these things work.
any hints are welcome.  thanks in advance!!


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