[PD] concantating

ClaudiusMaximus gloriousclaudiusmaximus at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Nov 21 17:40:38 CET 2004

MvH wrote:
> <sorry mathieu, I have the lazy habit of sending to lists by replying to 
> one - it went wrong.>
> Hello,
> How would I go if I want to concantate numbers and symbols?
> I want to combine text with a number.
> Like:
> Number1
> Number2
> I want to increase/decrease the number behind the symbol - I'm going to 
> use it for a label that I want to be set
> and labels don't like spaces in their name.

If you want to put one number in a symbol, you can use [makefilename]

[makefilename Number%d]

I think you can also use %s in the makefilename pattern to put symbols 
into a string, and you can use "set" messages to chain makefilenames 
together.  makefilename is a Pd internal.

If you want to turn a list of symbols and floats into a symbol, then 
there is [list2symbol] in the zexy library.

list of stuff to join
  |         symbol to put between them at the join
  |         |

If the left inlet is "list a 2 c" and the right inlet is "symbol -" then 
the outlet gives "symbol a-2-c".

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