[PD] ASCII Conversion

Marc Lavallée marc at hacklava.net
Mon Nov 22 02:12:18 CET 2004

Ian Smith-Heisters a écrit :

> 1. (I asked this a couple weeks ago and didn't get an answer) does 
> anyone know about an ascii float to ascii character convert, like 
> ascii2any for Windows? Does anyone have tips for compiling ascii2any for 
> windows?

I'm the one to blame since I wrote those externals. Sorry for the delay; 
I don't use PD very much these days, so I don't often read the list.

I once compiled my ascii externals for Windows, using cygwin, as a 
special request. I personally don't encourage the use of Windows, so I 
won't distribute this version. But I can send it to you.

> 2. I'm having trouble getting ascii2any working under linux. I've 
> programmed a PIC to output a letter for tagging and routing purposes, 
> then a space, then an 8 bit number from its ADC, and then a NL 
> character. As I understand the ascii2any readme, this should make it 
> output "a <number>", though the number should be nonsense, since it 
> isn't ascii encoded yet. This should be fine, if I got "a <nonsense>" at 
> least I would know what the problem is. However, all I get is "bang bang 
> bang bang bang..."

What are the numbers that comes out of the comport object?
Connect it to a print object and look at the console window...

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