[PD] Read 256 values from a netserver connection and holding them in a table

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Mon Nov 22 02:45:49 CET 2004


it sounds like you're confusing floats and lists. float-messages can be
integer or floating point numbers. lists on the other hand consists of a
few elements. the first element (in pd called 'method') of a list is
'list', that can be followed by other elements (called 'arguments') like
'3', '789.01' or 'hello'.
lists look like that:

[list 3 78 23 1(   <- list of floats


[list dog and cat(   <-list of symbols

or mixed

[list 34 dog 7.34(  <-the method is 'list', ¨first argument is '34',
second argument is 'dog' and so on

if the first argument is a number, you don't need to put 'list' as a
method, because pd handles it as a list anyway:

[list 23 cat hello 7.7(  <- first argument is '23'


[23 cat hello 7.7(

are handled the same.
(please correct me, if i am wrong. this was quite confusing for me, when
i started to do pd)

if i understand you right, you want to store 256 values from java into
an array. it is possible to 'netsend' or 'netreceive' a list of 256
elements, but you cannot 'tabwrite' lists.[tabwrite] has two inlets, the
right for the 'index', the left for the value. so i thinks it's better
to send your 256 values as a sequence of 256 float-msgs. to store them
into the array, a counter is needed, which tells the array on what
position (index) we are.
this is the way i would solve it, but it is surely not the only one.


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Subject: [PD] Read 256 values from a netserver connection and holding
them in a table

> I have a netserver connection that send to a pd patch 256 values that
I receive in an number box.
> I try
>  connect a [send mi] to the number box that receive values from java
in sequence, I suppose in pd we name this kind of object - list - but
I´m not sure. Then a connect a [receive mi] with a [t f], a [unpack] and
in the end [tabwrite array_256]. In the right inlet of tabwrite I
connect a cycle from 1 to 256.
> When I see the content of table array_256 a can perceive that I have
some values from the java connection and others I don´t know from where
they appeared. I suppose it´s a questions of syncronization.  Anybody
could help me?
> I will thank, a lot ... :)
> luisa
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