[PD] more 3dp questions

Matthew Allen mtallen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 02:53:23 CET 2004

So I have been hacking away at 3dp today, While I am going through
learning stuff I am also making some help files. So far I have help
files for _draw, _view, windowcontext. Using the C files and the GL
header files to get inlet outlet info. Tom if you want I can send them
to you and you can check my work and if you want check them into CVS.
They are bare bones at the moment, but they are a start. (however you
may already have help- files and I can just chalk these up to

On to my question. I am slowly figuring out the pdp packet paradigm.
One of the things I would like to do is to convert a dpd stream to a
pdp stream ( similar to rendering your window to a texture, except
rendering it to a packet). Is something like this possible? Am I
missing something right in front of my eyes?


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