[PD] Does PDP support the Eye Toy cam?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Nov 22 12:13:59 CET 2004


I consider to get an Playstation 2 Eye Toy cam to use with PDP as
well. Reading http://alpha.dyndns.org/ov511/status.html I find that is
is supported in Linux, but that it needs "an application that supports
JPEG" compression: 

  Replacement for the OV511 and OV518. JPEG compression, up to
  800x600, 24Khz audio, 8051 microcontroller. Used in Sony EyeToy.
  Supported by experimental ov51x driver (you need an application that
  supports JPEG). Supposedly there is a 100-pin version of this, in
  addition to the more common 64-pin version.

I have no idea what this requirement means for pdp: Does pdp "support

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