[PD] Re: Read 256 values from a netserver connection and holding them in a table

Stefan Turner stefan_turner at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Nov 22 15:24:27 CET 2004

Probably easier and more efficient (since I guess this
method with 256 iterations would be quite slow) is to
send a message '<startindex> <table[startindex]>
<table[startindex+1]>...' to the table. See
16.more.arrays.pd. If you don't know the table name
and/or size in advance, you can use the [prepend] with
two inlets (I've lost track of which one that is :) )
You'll need the [tabwrite] method if you need more
flexibilty (sorry if that's the case and I

Stefan Turner

>if i understand you right, you want to store 256
>values from java into
>an array. it is possible to 'netsend' or 'netreceive'
>a list of 256
>elements, but you cannot 'tabwrite' lists.[tabwrite]
>has two inlets, 
>right for the 'index', the left for the value. so i
>thinks it's better
>to send your 256 values as a sequence of 256
>float-msgs. to store them
>into the array, a counter is needed, which tells the
>array on what
>position (index) we are.
>this is the way i would solve it, but it is surely
not >the only one.

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