[PD] concantating

Martin Peach martinrp at vax2.concordia.ca
Mon Nov 22 17:19:58 CET 2004

MvH wrote:

> How would I go if I want to concantate numbers and symbols?
> I want to combine text with a number.
> Like:
> Number1
> Number2
> I want to increase/decrease the number behind the symbol - I'm going to 
> use it for a label that I want to be set
> and labels don't like spaces in their name.

I do it (concatenation) like this but there are probably other ways:

[ 123 \
[ sprintf Number%d ]
[symbol $1]

Here sprintf works the same as the c function sprintf, with %d being 
replaced by a decimal number, %f by a float, %s by a string, for instance.

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