[PD] [pix_pix2sig~] + [pix_sig2pix~]

Johannes M Zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Nov 22 19:00:22 CET 2004

pete mcpartlan wrote:
> hello all,
> i cant get these to do anything, what are they
> supposed to do? and how do i implement it? i'm sure i
> had something working a while ago... also you can

use [pix_sig2pix~] as an image-source (e.g. [pix_image])
connect signal generators to [pix_sig2pix~]
turn audio on

each colour-channel of the whole image equals one signal-block. the 
default block-size is 64 which means 64-pixels for one plane (e.g. red) 
which is not very much. use [block~] to increase the block-size.

> create them without the tildes... are they different
> objects?

no they are just aliases.
but i prefer the tilde-names (following the ~-convention)


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