[PD] ASIO latency (windows)

cyrille henry cyrille.henry at la-kitchen.fr
Mon Nov 22 23:32:08 CET 2004


what about midi?
last time i tied on windows, a midi loop was 100ms.
(pd 37.4)
is there any plan to have a lower midi latency?

by the way, I've an OT question :
what usb/midi interface work fine on linux?


� a écrit :
> I had problems too, trying to start pd 0.38test10 with an emagic emi 2/6.
> (Won't run at all).
> Seems that the portaudio code of pd is less than optimal. Not sure if
> the way to solve this is writing native ASIO code, as it is done currently
> by Tim and Tom (;)), or to fix the portaudio stuff.
> Guenter
> On Mon, 22 Nov 2004, smoerk wrote:
>>is it possible to get low latency with Pd and asio drivers on windows? i
>>have a usb audio card (hercules dj console, don't lough), that works
>>very well with audiomulch (4ms latency), but with Pd i have dropouts
>>with the default 70ms delay.
>>as the usb card works perfectly with audiomulch, why doesn't it work
>>with pd? both use portaudio? are there any command line parameter i have
>>to apply?
>>(btw, how do i get a list of alle the command line parameters with pd
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