[PD] ASIO latency (windows)

carmen ix at replic.net
Tue Nov 23 00:18:54 CET 2004

On Mon, Nov 22, 2004 at 11:01:08PM +0100, g?nter geiger wrote:
> I had problems too, trying to start pd 0.38test10 with an emagic emi 2/6.
> (Won't run at all).

i get that with the experimental native ASIO support. (wont launch at all, crashes in ASIO_GetDriverInfo*() or something..)

> Seems that the portaudio code of pd is less than optimal. Not sure if
> the way to solve this is writing native ASIO code, as it is done currently
> by Tim and Tom (;)), or to fix the portaudio stuff.

portaudio v19 support was added in 038 (thanks Miller, or whoever..), build portaudio: ./configure --with-winapi=asio and add -DPA19 to pd makefile and you should get it.. works great here with 128 buffer...

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