[PD] Framestein and GEM

Johannes M Zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Nov 23 10:41:43 CET 2004

" <tboulanger at voila.fr> wrote:
> Hi listers !
> Hmmm, as everybody knows, PD is build for making really interesting audio stuff as video.
> So I had a look at GEM and Framestein and I have to say that I'm quiet lost :
> - Are GEM and Framestein utterly apart one from each other ? 

> I mean is it possible to merge GEM objects with Framestein ones and conversely ? 

> - As for the rendering window : I noticed that GEM came with create/destroy objects and that Framestein came with its own rendering window : is it possible to have a unique window which displays both GEM and Framestein patches ?

> - And in term of possibilities : eventually, which one of Framesteind and GEM is the most powerfull tool ? 
this is a question i cannot answer.

> Are they both specialised in a certain area ?
Framestein is about image-processing (pixel-oriented, 2D)
Gem is about computer-graphics (vector-oriented, 3D, with some 
possibilities to do pixel-processing)

> These questions may appear to be stupid but I have to hear about your opinions... (the goal : creating a video clip to accompaign a track I've done recently, an interactive one to say...)

well, all pd-packages that have something to do with graphics (3D, 2D, 
video,...) can be used to create "a video clip to accompaign a track".
you could even do this in plain pd (remember franks tgb-patch), it is 
basically a matter of aesthetics.

as for power of Framestein and Gem:
Framestein is Windos-only; Gem is available on win, lin and osX (older 
versions are available for irix too)
I have no idea how "big" Framestein is, but Gem is contains about 400 
objects (half of which are rather useless if you don't know how to 
program openGL in a patcher language)
Framestein allows multiple "frames" (even embedded into a patch), Gem 
has only one single window (which will change in the future...)
Framestein needs your CPU, Gem needs a hw-accelerated graphics card.
Framestein allows you to use Photoshop-plugins, Gem does not (but has 
some (un)common fx built in)

> PS : about PDP, is it a customed-video oriented version of PD ? I think this one doesn't exist on XP)

no, pdp is just another library to do graphics.
it is (basically) oriented on doing video-processing, and is highly 
if you have ever heard of "forth", go pdp.
if not, there is a library called pidip (which is an extension to pdp) 
which has some high-level video-effects plus a lot of other cool stuff 
(like streaming, ...)

and best: pdp/pidip are available (only) on linux+osX

> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

do not forget GridFlow.

> Thanx for your support !

Gem, Framestein, pdp and GridFlow are really completely different 
things, although all are dedicated to produce some "graphical" output.

I think the biggest difference is not in possibilities but rather in the 
"way of thinking".
so you should look at all of them carefully and then decide which fits 
you and your need best.


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