[PD] OSX -pd0.38Test10 -can't type $ sign

Koray Tahiroglu ktahirog at uiah.fi
Tue Nov 23 11:25:08 CET 2004

Hello everybody,
I have downloaded pd0.38Test10 lately and seems like I cannot type $ 
sign in any object or message boxes.
I am using g3 400Mhz powerbook with OSX.
0.37.4 does not have any problem with $ sign, I would like to ask if 
anyone did come across with this kind of bug in pd0.38Test10?
Also I can only use Help menu once for each time I run pd0.38Test10. It 
does not respond anything to my attempts to use more than once. This 
might be also a bug report.


M.Koray Tahiroglu
DA student/researcher
Media Lab,
University of Art and Design Helsinki, TaiK
Hameentie 135C 00560 Helsinki Finland
tel: +358 40 754 8449
fax: +358 9 75630 555

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