[PD] in-memory sample players?

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Tue Nov 23 16:37:58 CET 2004

sven wrote:
> what's the best ext to play in-memory samples?
> it should work on linux and windows.

Frank Barknecht and I spent some time working with his [fluid~] external 
last weekend. It uses the libfluidsynth library, so you'll have to check 
if there's a windoze version of that.

The cool thing is that it uses SoundFonts, so you can load a large 
collection of samples into memory and easily manage them with channel 
and controller messages. There are also generators to control loop 
points, start points, envelope and various effects such as filters and 

It is all tied into General MIDI, so you have to accept some 
limitations, such as fixed MIDI notes [no microtones!] and the like. You 
also have to create a SoundFont of the samples you want to use [ie, by 
using Swami or Smurf on Linux], so it's not too good for quick 

We found that I could easily emulate the functions of my Particle 
Chamber granulator abstraction with [fluid~], with the added benefit 
that libfluidsynth takes care of scaling the polyphony.

I'll be spending some time with [fluid~] once Frank or I have found a 
way to squeeze a few more features out of it [exporting sample size and 
name would be a good start!] to make some granular abstractions which 
could be used for pitchshifting and timestretching as well, although 
perhaps not as "scientific" as you might like.

Or you could have a look at the SoundFont spec and play around with the 
generator functions yourself with [fluid~]. I think the 
generator-enabled version Frank made over the weekend is in the 
externals CVS now, under Footils.

good luck!

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