[OT] Re: [PD] ASIO latency (windows)

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Nov 23 21:57:28 CET 2004

cyrille henry wrote:
> hello,
>> Are you speaking about the beringer MIDI controller with the 
>> motorfaders (Behringer BCF2000) ? I thought they work in linux.
> yes, i think Iohannes was speaking of this one, because my brother own 
> one. we were using it on windows during the performance on the graz 
> convention.
> i did not try using it on linux. anyway, even on windows, we do not use 
> the usb port.
> we just use midi in and out with an external midi/usb interface : 

yes, i was referring to this very device.
and yes, we are using it with an external usb2midi device too (on 
linux), because the usb-out of the bcf does not work on linux

but it is working fine in this mode (apart from the weirdness, that the 
(infinite !) knobs refuse to work when after they have reached 127. you 
have to reset them manually (via midi).


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