[PD] non-leaky symbols

ix ix at replic.net
Wed Nov 24 01:37:43 CET 2004

im wondering how others go about avoiding memory leaks caused by excessive symbol generation.

recently, ive found zexy-l2s to be the 'savior' to a lot of problems, such as:

.pool loses symbols embedded in lists after load/save
. at list in toxy does not work with variable length lists
.other objects work on symbols or float but not variable-length lists.. (or no way to toggle distribution to inlets)
.qlist wont work with absolute timestamps..but oh wait, l2s & pipe does the trick!
.want to insert 2, or maybe 3 or 4 elements, into a list after the first 2 elements
.want to insert an entire list into another message, so use l2s and $1, etc...

everything works out but the catch is chew 1 mb RAM a minute or more, just from all the symbols being generated. im not sure i really need all them to stick around in some hash table after theyre handed off to another object or split up anyways..

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