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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Nov 25 01:03:36 CET 2004

MvH hat gesagt: // MvH wrote:
> I know this is of no help but - since I have this 'problem' a lot - I 
> prefer to use X without *any* windowmanager. I put some xterms on screen 
> ( preferably with different colours for different tasks etc...) and the 
> pd gui using my .xinitrc file; the --geometry 100+40+0+0 option is what 
> you need for this :)

This is a cute solution, however there are a lot of window managers,
which are almost like that with a little bit of added comfort. WMI was
mentioned, other alternatives might include Ion or evilwm, which is
Tom's WM of choice, AFAIK. Evilwm even is included as a packet forth
module in latest pdp cvs, for those, who like to take it to the extreme.
:) Evilwm already is available as a Python module, which is what I also
played with. I like the idea of starting X without WM, just a Python
shell in a terminal, then doing a 

import EvilWM
e = EvilWM.WM

or similar. Good to shock friends who complain about Linux not being
user friendly. It's so nerdy. ;)

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