[PD] equal tempered scale object available

Niklas Saers niklas at registrar.no
Thu Nov 25 12:25:15 CET 2004

Hi everyone,
I'm relatively new to the Pd community so I'm not quite sure where would 
be a good place to announce this, so I guessed that this would be a good 

I have written an external object that takes a float with amount of Hz a 
sound is and determines the note of this tone. I.e, 440 is A, 415 is a 
1¢ low Ab with a 0.174 Hz error (thus not quite as low as 1¢, but almost 
1¢). It uses the pyext extention (available from Thomas Grill at 
http://grrrr.org/ext/py/) and is released under a two-clause BSD license 
(meaning you can use it at will as long as you keep my copyright 
statement available in source and binary).

It's available from:

I'd really like to hear back from you with comments in the blog and here 
(or private email), both with regards to the object and if this is not a 
suitable place for object announcements.



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