[PD] Simple editor like patch for dynamically create/delete objects.........

Christian Klotz list_pd at deviation.de
Thu Nov 25 12:53:56 CET 2004

hi chun

> Anyway, I hope some one you might find this interesting and take a 
> look at
> it and give me some feedback as to how things can be better put 
> together.
> And perhaps work on it together.
> Apologies if its a bad practice to put long patch text on the list, 
> please
> let me know and I will behave myself;)

I would like to check it out, but I didnt get the text inside my mail 
to a working patch. maybe it would be possible to get a tar or zip 

> Just remembered something that I forgot to comment in the patch, if 
> object
> you are creating takes more horizontal space, remember to increase the 
> space
> parameter so that each object don't overlap.

thanks, cheers
Christian Klotz
Kunsthochschule Kassel / School of Arts Kassel ::digitalpool

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