[PD] Gem-0.87 e gem-bin-0.90.1

Peter Todd peter_todd82 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Nov 25 13:25:57 CET 2004

Hello Luisa / list,

Gem 0.90.1 solved problems with [pix_video] crashing for lots of people, myself included.  This problem has nothing to do with you being a newbie, I think.

[pix_movie] / [pix_film], on the other hand, are broken AFAICT (work with the included examples, but no other avi files I've tried, same thing for other people), I think it worked some version circa 0.87.  For myself, I don't use much prerecorded video type stuff, and I like [pix_snap2tex] too much to use any version that doesn't include it.  Given that it was working in living memory, it shouldn't actually be too difficult for someone a bit more clued up to work out what exactly went wrong, and salvage a working version.

Hope that helps,
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  Hi list,

  I have installed the version gem-0.87 and I need to work with the patches in pix_video_ds. I registed some crashs but because I´m newbie to pd I think it´s normal with my ignorance about the functioning of the objects available.

  Do you think it´s suitable to re-install the newer version, probably I can have more sutff of patches ... and more stability running pd under windows XP.

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