[PD] GEM - multiple geos - each accessable for transformation

Christian Klotz list_pd at deviation.de
Thu Nov 25 16:50:57 CET 2004

I just thought that ir would be more imaginable if I explain what I 
want to do - my idea was to have depending on the volume of some spund 
a number of geos which will be aligned in a circle with the same 
distance from each other which will be calculated by 360!/number of 
geos. And later there will be more transformation to each geo ...
well, maybe it helps :) ... cheers
Christian Klotz
Kunsthochschule Kassel / School of Arts Kassel ::digitalpool
> Hi list,
> I just had a look at chuns editor patch because I want to try getting 
> multiple geos. The attached test patch I created shortly before was my 
> early starting point. As far as I know I have to create single 
> gemheads to have inidividually transformations on each geo, right? 
> Because I want to create a dynamically changing number of objects I 
> stucked building the patch ...
> does somebody know how to get further? Thanks in advance,
> regards
> christian

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