[PD] Simple editor like patch for dynamically create/delete objects.........

chun lee leechun at leechun.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Nov 25 20:21:22 CET 2004

Hi clemos:

>hi chun lee
>maybe I don't get it, or maybe I'm stupid but
>I don't seem to be able to create objects
>when I type a number and hit enter in the create number box, I get a message :
>error: inlet: expected '' but got 'float'
>error: inlet: expected '' but got 'symbol'

Ummm, I was just looking at it but could not quite figure out why this
happened. Have you tried entering the "create" number in side of the [pd
create/delete]? Thinking of ways in which I can help correct it, maybe you
can send me (leechun at leechun.freeserve.co.uk) a screen shot of the inside of
the [pd create/delete] and the parent patch.

>anyway (and that's why I want to make it work :) ) your work looks
>really interresting, and I'm looking for such dynamic patch
>creation/alteration tools too
>I don't know if this can interrest you, but I discovered several
>interresting stuff related to that here :
>(I know it's quite famous already, but.. )
>especially there's this 'dyn~' external, that allows you to do all
>kinds of patch creation alteration operations...
>but the patch you create this way stays hidden inside the dyn~ box,
>and never becomes an autonomous viewable and savable patch, so this
>may not be your point....
Yes, I know of dyn~ but have not tried it yet. I should find sometime to try
it. Will look at it a bit later, am on my way out just now. But I like the
way that things that have been created and deleted are all viewable, is this
true in dyn~?

>anyway please let us know what's next :)



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