[PD] fullscreen

Marc Boon marcboon at dds.nl
Thu Nov 25 23:12:22 CET 2004

MvH wrote:

> .xinitrc is the default file started by xinit or startx - maybe your 
> distro has it configured elseways - you should checkout in the distro's 
> docs I'm afraid.

I first experimented a bit with different window managers, and thanks to the 
terrific documentation of Fluxbox I got some insight in the whole process.
It seems that ~/.xsession is the right place for this. Also, I discovered that I 
had to choose session type 'Default' in kdm (which I use for autologon) to make 
X (or kdm) actually read ~/.xsession. This also makes switching to the KDE 
desktop very easy, by just selecting it from the menu at the graphical login of 
kdm. I always assumed that the 'Default' session was the last used session, but 
this is actually saved in ~/.dmrc, and only used to mark the last used session 
with '(default)' in the kdm session type menu.

> my .xinitrc would be quite plain:
> xterm -fg green -bg black -e pd&
> exec xterm

mine now just reads:
pd zoom.pd

and since pd runs forever and is the only app I need running, I don't need exec 
or &. Very elegant, and very fast startup without the overhead of a window 
manager. :)

> imagine some -geometry settings to make sure things don't overlap...

Even this is not needed in my case, since I open a single pdp_xv window, with a 
fullscreen message, so it just sits on top and covers the entire screen.

Thanks for the suggestion not to use any window manager :)

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