[PD] Gem-bin-0.90.1

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Fri Nov 26 18:57:58 CET 2004

Luisa Lamas wrote:
> But I have the gem-0.87 already installed I suppose that I must install 
> the previous one the gem-0.90.0 and then the upgrade for gem-0.90.1 is 
> only one file (gem.dll). Am I correct ?
> Sorry I have fear to do mistakes and have to begin all the extras and 
> libraries that I have installed...
ok, sorry for being so cryptic

when you download the "full" version of Gem (without sources, for 
windows) you will get a Gem.dll and some folders with reference-patches 
and other documentation (example patches)
up till now, Gem is only an external library, it has no abstractions 
(this will most probably change in the future)

so to run gem-0.90.1 it is sufficient to have the correct Gem.dll
if you want the documentation too (while the functionality has not 
changed, almost all of the reference-patches have been rewritten for 
0.90) you will need to download it.

so in short:
1.) you need the Gem.dll (if you are on windos) for 0.90.1
2.) you might want the optional documentation

there is no bundle that consists of both the 0.90.1-binary and the 

so what to do:

install it by hand:
1. get the binary http://gem.iem.at/download/gem-bin-0.90.1.zip
2. get the documentation (without binary) 

of course you are free to get the bin+doc-bundle 
install as instructed
then replace the 0.90.0 Gem.dll with the 0.90.1 one

sounds complicated ?
probably it is......


prize question: what would be the free windows installer of choice ?

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