[PD] motion detection with gem?

Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Sun Nov 28 14:25:18 CET 2004

> I read on the TODO of Gem that the motion detection has to be 
> implemented first but I want to know if somebody tried some 
> 'workarounds' to get something like motion detection. I think about 
> using an infrared camera which will input a black/withe signal.
> Any suggestions?
for a project i'm doing, i use a different approach with optical trigger
fields that send out a bang, if movement has been detected in a certain
area of the incoming image ...
it's not tested very well (works for my purpose) and i didn't send it to
the gem-list, since it's probably possibly to rewrite it as an
i attached the source files, maybe it can be of use ... in general i
think that image analyse functions in gem should be improved ... either
in c++ or in abstractions (whatever is faster)

cheers ... tim

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