[PD] dyn~ newbie questions......

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Nov 29 13:50:03 CET 2004

chunlee hat gesagt: // chunlee wrote:

> just compiled both flext and dyn~ on fedora core2 and got a few
> questions about using dyn~
> 1. how does dyn~ determines the position of newly created objects? 

It's random inside a 600*400 area, according to a comment and code in
    // random position if not given

> 2. is there a way to specify the position of the object with dyn~'s
> "newobj" message?

It does not work with newobj. I don't know, if it works with another
method. BTW: You seem to be able to move objects although it doesn't
look like it. After a vis-0/1 you will see them in the new position.

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