[PD] strange behavior upon loading dsp abstraction....

chunlee leechun at leechun.freeserve.co.uk
Tue Nov 30 10:11:43 CET 2004

hi there:

there has been this strange behavior on loading up my dsp abstractions
that is bugging me for the last few days and i finally worked out a way
to describe and reproduce it and i wonder if anyone can help to explain.

to reproduce it:

1. make a example abstraction like this and call it say, test.pd:

[osc~ 440]
[*~ 0.5]
| \

#N canvas 0 0 450 300 10;
#X obj 150 93 osc~ 440;
#X obj 177 159 *~ 0.5;
#X obj 205 206 dac~;
#X connect 0 0 1 0;
#X connect 1 0 2 0;
#X connect 1 0 2 1;

2. make sure the compute audio is on before loading [test]

3. open a new patch and load [test] as an abstraction. at this point,
shouldn't i be able to hear the [osc~]? but i don't! however, if i load
another [test] in the same patch, i can then hear [osc~]. if i load up
[test] as a patch, it works fine. 

so, somehow, when [test] is loaded for the first time, nothing happens.
but in the second time, it functions as expected. can anyone help to

i got the feeling that its something really basic about Pd that i don't
know yet.

many thanks


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