[PD] using root_window (x11)

Mathieu Bouchard matju at sympatico.ca
Tue Nov 30 07:03:46 CET 2004

On Sun, 28 Nov 2004, patrick wrote:

> in gem / pdp / gridflow: would it be possible for me to output visual
> in the root_window of x11? (like most xscreensaver with argument
> -root)

As can be found in the fine manual
(http://gridflow.ca/latest/doc/format.html) You can do [@out x11 here
root]. However make sure that no program has created a borderless window
that covers exactly the root window, else you won't see anything. Usually
the guilty party is a program called KDE-Desktop (/usr/bin/kdesktop).

But @out x11 has other options as well, if you need to hijack other
windows; they're just harder to use in practice, because you need to get a
window-id first (root is an exception, it's easy to find without an
id...). I sometimes use /usr/X11R6/bin/xwininfo to find window-id's. That
kind of hijacking is critical for implementation of some GridFlow-specific
features like [#peephole].

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