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> <html><div style='background-color:'><DIV class=RTE>Hi list,</DIV>
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> <DIV class=RTE>Sorry, but my knowledge about pd and DSP is very short, so ... I ask who knows more ...</DIV>
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> <DIV class=RTE>I need to load and affect a sound file according with 4 values that I get from other patch where the numbers are stored in a table , I whant to represent different states of spirit, like feeling relax, calm, little disturb, great disturb. I think that the loudness and some extra effect could carry this notions ... I hope so.</DIV>
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> <DIV class=RTE>I readed the pages from Thomas Grill, Marius Schebella and Frank Barknecht and I feel lost ... I also don?t find the bonk~ object refered in the mailing list.</DIV>
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> <DIV class=RTE>Does anyone could help ? I thank.</DIV>
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bonk~ is an external, which is shipped with Pd. If it doesn't appear,
when you create a [bonk~] object, then something is wrong with your Pd
installation. Look for bonk~.* files (where "*" is "dll", "pd_linux"
or "pd_darwin" depending on your operating system) and add this folder
to your Pd path (File->Path).

Regarding general sound and dsp in Pd: Miller provides very good
documentation in the "doc/3.audio.examples" folder, including various
ways to add effects to a sound playing. Unless you did already, you
really should read all of them (or at least the first 20 or so) one
after the other to get a feel for how signals are handled in Pd. Copy
the files somewhere and change them and play with them, so you can
see, how you can extend them. Every object (almost) also has help
files you can use as base for your own experiments.  The most simple
effect btw. is to change volume. You do this with multiplication: [*~

A good read is "Effects Explained" on

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