[PD] strange behavior upon loading dsp abstraction....

chun lee leechun at leechun.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Dec 1 01:52:31 CET 2004

>chunlee hat gesagt: // chunlee wrote:
>> there has been this strange behavior on loading up my dsp abstractions
>> that is bugging me for the last few days and i finally worked out a way
>> to describe and reproduce it and i wonder if anyone can help to explain.
>> so, somehow, when [test] is loaded for the first time, nothing happens.
>> but in the second time, it functions as expected. can anyone help to
>> explain?
>I'd say, this is a behaviour, which should be changed. However, if you
>edit the [test] file, add a space, and let go again, you will hear
>sound. I suppose it has to do with Pd not recognizing, that you did in
>fact create a new dsp object and it is not recalculating the dsp chain
>in this case. Creating another object somehow forces it to do so as
>does switching audio off and on again.

Thanks! I have also found a quick fix for the (dynamic patching) patch that
I am working on. here it goes:

I created a dummy dsp object like [send~ dummy] at the parent patch, and for
every abstraction I dynamically created, a non-functional connection is also
scripted to connect to the [send~ dummy]. As a result, the connections force
the dso chain to recalculate. Note that for each abstraction, I use [throw~]
to collect all audio signals and has a non functional [outlet~] which will
be used to connect to [send~ dummy]. This works fine so far.

Hope I make sense.



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