[PD] horizontal video lines

martin pichlmair pi at attacksyour.net
Wed Dec 1 08:12:34 CET 2004

>> ...pdp doesn't use apple's quicktime for anything yet :-(

well. that's not exactly true. i was working on a native quicktime 
movie loader and saver for a while. since i had to finish my phd i had 
to throttle down development a bit. now that i got a new job it also 
refuses to finish itself. there is some issues i still need to work out 
before i can release it, but: does anyone of you (jamie, sara, chris, 
list) want to give it a try and tell me things that are missing? kind 
of pre-alpha-test the stuff.

what i got so far:
- video loading
- playing (but playing with native (movie) framerate is weird as i 
can't get rid of the audio)
- threading without enough mutexes
- saving in one hardcoded codec
- stream playing

what i will have to work on to finish it:
- threading for flattening
- make threads safe
- make frame adressing better (it is millisecond-based by now)
- include an smpt object and have the movie receive smpt timing

as any quicktime project this one is bloated like hell and full of bugs 
:-) the performance is as quicktime performs ... mediocre

i am not asking for you to help me program it - i just need some people 
give it an initial try and maybe help me figure out how to access the 
functionally reasonably from within pd.

> Yves used the pix_video code for OSX video capture.  There is no open 
> source (or even non-Quicktime) video capture for OSX to the best of my 
> knowledge.

that is true


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