[PD] horizontal video lines

sara kolster sara at x-i.net
Wed Dec 1 09:52:06 CET 2004

Hi Chris, Jamie a.o.

The horizontal lines don't really look like interlacing, it's really a 
field-swapping thing. The more you move the camera the more you see 
those horizontal lines going down your screen. You have 1 or 2 lines on 
the screen that seems to break the image in half and it seems the video 
cannot keep up with the speed in which it's moving.

 >I don't have a DV camera to test this with right now, but maybe an OSX 
GEM user can test by sending a >'quality 1' message to pix_video 
followed by a 'reset' message.  'quality 0' is  channelPlayNormal and 
 >'quality 1' is channelPlayHighQuality.

I looks like the object ieeel394 works the same like pix_video. The 
quality 0 or 1 can be set followed by the reset message, but that 
doesn't make it any better.

> Yves used the pix_video code for OSX video capture.  There is no open 
> source (or even non-Quicktime) video capture for OSX to the best of my 
> knowledge.

This is true. But, isn't there anyone out there that has the same 
problem? [Or is nobody using the pdp firewire object] If it is a case of 
updating / changing some libraries, then I can at least do something 
about it.


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