[PD] [OT] computer arts PhD positions?

Palle Dahlstedt palle at ituniv.se
Wed Dec 1 10:56:31 CET 2004

(slightly off-topic)

We have a very talented Hungarian master's student here at the Art &  
Technology program that is looking for a PhD student position in computer  
arts in Germany or Austria, and I thought I might ask the PD community for  
advice, since I know very little about suitable institutions in those  

He is an excellent programmer with a background in the demo community, his  
thesis project being a realtime interactive video/graphics synthesis  
system with gestural controllers.

Any advice? Please answer directly to me, to spare the list these OT  



Palle Dahlstedt
Composer, Ph.D.
Chalmers University of Technology
IT University / Art & Technology Program
Goteborg, Sweden

Art & Science Research Fellow,
Department of Computer Science
Liverpool University
Liverpool, U.K.

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