[PD] Midi instruments

Anton Woldhek woldhek at xs4all.nl
Wed Dec 1 20:28:13 CET 2004

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital *Interface*) by itself doesn’t make any
sound  at all.

Theres a lot of ways to make sounds using midi in pd, you could make your
own synth for example, or you could use [vst~], and I believe there is also
a way to use sound fonts in pd, or you could route midi output from pd to
some other app that generates the actually sound, or perhaps even a hardware
synth, the possibilities are endless...

Have fun!


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Hi !
I would like to use Pd to load MIDI instruments and play with them, 
using midi notes. Can [makenote] do this ? Are there a lot of free (as 
in freedom) MIDI sounds around ? There must be ! I haven't seen a help 
file about this, even though I didn't read them all yet. There's so 
much to do. Thanks guys. I keep reading the list and it helps a lot.

Alexandre Quessy
Montréal, Canada

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