[PD] understand soundfiler

Lazzaro N. Ciccolella ciccolix at tiscalinet.it
Thu Dec 2 17:13:27 CET 2004

Hi all,

I try to write a message correctly in order to load a sound file in one 
table using the "soundfiler" object _on windows_ .

I have the following problem:
if I try with

|read -resize c:/Documents and Settings/bla..bla/01.wav table23(

I have the following message of error:

and: no such table

then I have retried with closing path in quotes ("):

|read -resize "c:/Documents and Settings/bla..bla/01.wav" table23(

but I obtain the same error.

If instead I use the object openpanel in order to create the message in 
this way:

|set read -resize $1 table23(

and after bang the result:

|read -resize c:/Documents and Settings/bla..bla/01.wav table23(

it work nice,
but to my eyes the two messages seem equal.

where I mistake ?

I cannot use the object openpanel because I am using pd without GUI
and pd must take the name of the file through a tcp connection.

thanks for whichever aid


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