[PD] Svideo and pix_video

Johannes M Zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Fri Dec 3 12:35:38 CET 2004

Luisa Lamas wrote:
> Thanx IOhannes,
> What do you mean to " bt8x8 based capture-cards" ? Cool price, but ...

well it is just simple ordinary normal capture-cards like pinnacle's or 
hauppauge (they used to be based on the "brooktree 848" (or 
alternatively 878) (now "connexant") chipset.
on linux they are supported with the bttv chipset and are most common.

> What I founded ... is more cheap if it is internal (moreless what you say about 
> 75 Euros) but if it is external is expensive (about 250 Euros and higher) from 
> Pinnacle and Pyro. Because I have a portable PC and must carry him to the 
> University to do my final presentation where I have the video mix table I must 
> buy a external one. Don´t think so ?!

yes that is the problem.
i just haven't found a good external capture-card  yet (but i admit, i 
haven't searched a lot after i bought this pinnacle-crap)

> Whats incredible ... in the university exist two converters for Mac OS systems 
> and they don´t have cable and transformer to connect to electrical network 
> because Mac doesn´t need this cable, people don´t know where are the cables so I 
> can´t test to see if they could work with PC and windows system, ... My Goodness.
> Thank for your advice I will test ... before buy. I have the premiere installed 
> on the pc and I carry him with me ...

i would rather test with Gem if you do tests and you want to run it with 
Gem ;-)
(i mean, i guess you have both Gem and premiere installed on your 
laptop; so try out both if you get the opportunity to do so)

> After a [create] [1( to render on and [open( I send an [enumerate( message and I 
> can see the connections established if they exist. What is missing is a a/d 
> converter ... with luck I get one.

yes; although a/d-converter is such a weird word for a capture-card 
(although is is of course an adc)


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