[PD] Nintendo gun with Pd ?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Dec 3 21:46:56 CET 2004

Alexandre Quessy hat gesagt: // Alexandre Quessy wrote:

> Pd is quite amazing, and we can do just about anything. It's 
> interesting to offer something else than keyboards to interact with 
> electronic art. What about a Nintendo or SEGA gun ? Have you heard 
> about an object of a software that could help us make an object out of 
> it ?  I guess it would mean to display subtle symbols or sweeps in a 
> Gem window that would be recognized by the gun and transfered to the 
> program so that we get to know the area that was shot. Such a remote 
> control would be interesting for "virtual reality" using Pd.

There are [hid] and [joystick] objects, but first you need to get
support for the hardware into your operating system. I doubt, that
these lightguns are supported in major OSses like W,M and L.

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