[PD] load a patch in a patch (basic question)

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Dec 4 12:18:31 CET 2004

Lazzaro N. Ciccolella hat gesagt: // Lazzaro N. Ciccolella wrote:

> I suppose that in choosing the name of the abstrazione I must make 
> attention not to use the name of a externals
> or this is a false problem ?

No, it's a real problem. You need to take care about what is called a
"name clash": If you create an abstraction like osc~.pd then your
[osc~] abstraction will not load, instead [osc~] the internal object
will. You can force loading the abstraction by using the full or a
relative path: [./osc~] or [/myabs/osc~] 

Regarding abstractions and subpatches: IMO understanding how
abstractions work incl. abstraction arguments, $0 and the difference
to subpatches is *the* single most important thing to deeply
understand when learning how to use Pd efficiently. 

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