[PD] Re: 64bit pd stuff

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Sat Dec 4 17:55:25 CET 2004

First I appologize for missing that last email. I was dealing
with the sharp stick my ex-girlfriend stabbed into my heart...

> I\'m not having much luck with 64bit PD. Can you cue me in on
> how you got PD and PDP running? PD doesn\'t want to load
> soundfiles, and I\'m having troubles with tables as I\'ve seen
> reported on the list. Which PD are you using? And have you had
> any success with PDP? pd-0.38-devel from CVS doesn\'t compile
> for me, straight PD CVS has alsa-related compile errors as
> well. Miller PD 0.38 or 0.37-* have this problem with tables
> and soundfiles.
I havent gotten PDP to work, but I havent tried. Im still trying
to get Gem-0.91.0 built. The configure script wont find any
1394, my quicktime, or anything else. I did hack the configure
script so it gets past GL detection though... Miller said that
the pd from iem builds on 64 bit architectures, so I built
pd-0.38-0test10. I havent tried to use tables yet. I have seen
the soundfile thing, but I havent tried to debug that yet. Im
still getting xruns with jackd that occur intermittently - may
be an acpi thing, I dont know. I also get weird a/d/a sync
errors in pd which nobody seems to know about.

> Also, I\'m still lost on this HDSP thing, but I am pretty sure
> it is cardbus-parameter related. But I am not able to run
> 2.6.10, due to the fact that neither the NVidia kernel
> drivers nor the pcmcia-cs stuff works with it. How did you
> get your cardbus stuff up on 2.6.10 then?
Like I said earlier, I just downloaded and built 2.6.10-rc2-mm1.
Every kernel after 2.6.9-rc2 should have hdsp support for x86_64
I think. Thanks Takashi! I dont know what pcmcia-cs is. I just
turned on alsa and hdsp in the kernel .config. Fedora Core isint
happy I did this - It wants me to use RPMs, but that is to slow
for me.

64 bit is a pain for us forrunners...

Good luck,

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