[PD] graph-on-parent feature - how to use?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Dec 5 00:31:59 CET 2004

ClaudiusMaximus hat gesagt: // ClaudiusMaximus wrote:

> Federico wrote:
> >i have some questions concerning the graph on parent feature.
> >
> >first of all: does it work only on a subpatch? (namely: can i have graph
> >for an abstraction)?
> This mail explains how to use graph on parent for an abstraction:
> http://iem.kug.ac.at/mailinglists/pd-list/2004-09/022409.html

I now also put this here: http://footils.org/cms/show/31 so google
can find it easier.

BTW: It's the same for subpatches, minus the saving business. It's a
bit trickier to do for subpatches that contain graphical data structre
instances though. I can answer this, too, if anybody has a problem
with it.

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