[PD] [seq16] sequencer abstraction done! - first release

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Dec 5 12:09:36 CET 2004

Federico hat gesagt: // Federico wrote:

> hi all,
> i've just created a little sequencer abstraction.
> please look at here:
>  http://xaero.ath.cx:2005/pd/seq16/
> i hope you like it, and improve it...
> enjoy! :)
> (sorry for the "dirty" style, but this is one of my first patches)

Hey, it's not dirty at all! Very cool patch. 
> Problem:
> i can't use toggles in my system, because i used to send bangs to read
> UI-controls's values (which aren't connected to any wire).
> while radios and sliders react to bang sending their value, the toggle
> change its state and doesn't send anything. :(

This can be solved by storing the current value of the toggle into the
right inlet of a float object and then banging that float instead.
This also would solve, that currently every change to a slider or so
directly sends out the changed value to the outlet, although its not
its turn yet.

Some other suggestions: Try creating two independent seq16 objects -
it doesn't work: Both will interfere with each other. Solution for
this: Never use a send or receive inside an abstraction without
starting it with "$0". 

A third update would be a possibility to save patterns. I may
recommend using "Memento" for this, a state saving system I developed.
With Memento, you also don't need to use the float stuff I wrote about
above as you can get the stored values anytime out of the currently
active state. Examples would be my rrad.pattseq.pd patch, which is
similar to your patch, or one of the many other sequencers in the
rradical collection. See pure-data.sf.net or footils.org for

And instead of using the normal toggles I'm currently working on using
more flexible data structure toggles, btw. See
http://footils.org/cms/show/28 for a screenshot of these
(rrad.drumseq). The idea there is, to hide bng or radio buttons behind
data structures and then use the messages from the IEM-Gui-Objects to
set the data structures on top of them. This is really cool, but
also a bit hackish and advanced.

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