[PD] [seq16] sequencer abstraction done! - first release

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Dec 5 14:35:56 CET 2004

Federico hat gesagt: // Federico wrote:

> you are right... (i didn't think that when i got in trouble)
> ...but this involves creating: (in addition to the [toggle])
> - a [r $0-noteon-X-set] object,
> - connected to [f],
> - connected to [s $0-noteon-X]
> and when developing complex interfaces, this can be time-consuming, and
> (maybe) cpu-power-consuming.... :)

Yes, it's tedious. That's why I proposed to use the Memento system,
which does all this automatically. See rrad.sseq16 for a very simple
example. Basically your data is stored in the state inside an
[originator] object under a name: /n1, /n2, /n3 or however you name
the objects. Then you can use "get /n1" to make [originator]
output the stored value. Using [makefilename /n%d] you can automate
this for incoming numbers. 

You still need to create the [commun /n? $0] objects and connect them,
but this can be automated, too, by using the [commun-builder] as an
environment for internal messages, or use something else for this. 

You also could just do this once, and reuse your array of commun
objects for all patches by doing copy and paste. This also will make
you names consistent.

> i know also the $0-thing.
> yesterday i was reading some old pd-list's messages, and i wasn't sure
> if $0-symbol works across different subpatches....

They work across different subpatches, but not across different
abstractions, of course. Subpatches are a full part (almost) of the
surrounding patch. Like a person hidden by a curtain, who still hears
everything that's said in a room. Abstractions are seperate rooms with
concrete walls between each other. You can build doors into the
walls: inlets or global sends.

> awesome!
> i am downloading pd externals. (this is my first time ;)
> hope to play with rrad.* as soon as possible...

You will need a lot of externals, for the Memento system, you'll need
Cyclone, especially the [prepend] from Cyclone (iemlib prepend will
not work, ggee prepend will lead to crashes) and
[fromsymbol]/[tosymbol]. Some abstractions in RRADical also use
maxlib, zexy and some other externals like creb etc.. But for Memento
itself, only Cyclone and OSC are required, AFAIR.

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